Official Ruby Dockerfile



Hi everyone,
Is there a place where I can see the Dockerfile used to build ?
(I’m interested in particular to circleci/ruby:2.4.1-node).
I’d like to use it as starting point for the image I need to build for my app.



Unfortunately it’s still closed source, but you can run docker history --no-trunc circleci/ruby:2.4.1-node to see what commands were run to create it. We’re extending the official Ruby images as our base.


Thanks for the reply.
Do you guys plan to release it anytime soon?

Have a good one.


Yes. I’m a little shocked we haven’t yet, but it’s just lower priority than some of the high priority things in the platform.


I will keep one eye on that.
Thanks again for the support.


:thumbsup: I’m pleased to see this is planned! Being able to extend the provided Dockerfiles would be very handy indeed.


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