Official Hacktoberfest and Orbtoberfest Thread!

Hacktoberfest is a month-long contest beginning October 1, run by DigitalOcean, DEV, and Intel. Whether you’re new to development or a long-time contributor, anyone can participate and help grow the open source community. This is CircleCI’s second year participating, and we’re excited to get more people involved in open source and give away some very cool prizes.

The CircleCI Hacktoberfest 2020 site is live!

Challenge 1

Complete a merged or accepted PR, labeled with “Orbtoberfest” , to include orb usage on an existing CircleCI config.


  • 1-3 PRs receive a sticker pack
  • 4 PRs receive stickers and a T-shirt

Challenge 2

Develop and publish an orb using the Orb Development Kit. Make sure your orb solves a challenge that other developers might be facing!


  • Sticker pack
  • T-shirt
  • Limited edition orb pin


Unclear on the challenges? Have questions about how to get started? Ask here in the official thread so we can help!



I am unclear about the challenges. What exactly do you need to do in challenge 1 ?

Hi @Ankur-Khandelwal!

Challenge 1 is to take a project that is currently using CircleCI and adapt it to use one our orbs. For example, if it was a Node.js project with a CircleCI config.yml, you would replace the Node.js setup in the config with the Node.js orb using the instructions in the orb registry.

Does that help?

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Does Development Kit available now? :thinking:

Hey, can you please help me out on how to get started with Authoring an Orb, how to do it and wheter there is a Starter kit for beginners, thanks!

Thanks for joining @nuwan94 and @monizb… We have updated the post above with the following bits:

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We’ve also just pushed more info on the Orb Development Kit

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And, our blog post is now live!

Are Challenge 1 T-shirts the same as Challenge 2?
Are T-shirts limited?
If so, how many there are of them?

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Hey @ark-1, thanks for joining. The t-shirts are the same, and there will be enough for participants who submit valid PRs and orbs.

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Suppose I have my project in Java which is a small 2D game. If I create a CircleCI config into the master branch, then on a new branch update it to use an orb - then create a PR with the label ortoberfest to migrate from a custom workflow to an orb, does this count as a valid PR?

It seems that the form for submitting challenges is slightly different than the text on main page.
For challenge 1 the form speaks of contributions to “CircleCI repositories”. Are these CircleCI repository contributions still valid and what exactly are these repositories? Are they under a specific organization?
Challenge 2 also differs slightly, but its sentiment is pretty much the same in both.

About challenge 2. If our small team creates an orb, does only one of us get the challenge completed?

Welcome @fluffypinkpanda - love the desire!

So adding CircleCI to a repo itself does not qualify for Hacktoberfest. However, adding an orb to the config (and the subsequent PR to merge it) would qualify in principle, but is generally frowned as that would be making “open source” improvements to your own repo.

Contributions to CircleCI repositories are welcome year round, not just during Hacktoberfest. Probably the docs repo:

and our Public organization would be the best options.

To answer your other question, reach out to me and we’ll work with you if there are more than one member of the team.


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I’ve submitted my orb as I am just learning to code I was wondering if there will be updates of the status
of the challenge, and I’ll be updating my orb during this time as well added more.
thanks for the challenge I’m learning quite a bit.


How can I check if my submission to Challenge 2 is valid. I used a form about 2 weeks ago but I didn’t even received any email that it is under investigation. Should I be just more patient?

Anyway thank you for the opportunity to take part in this event and learn something new.

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@mitcom It takes us a while to review them all, but we’re working on it. Thanks for participating!

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I submitted an orb this Orbtoberfest, a few days ago, and I was wondering about the status of the submission. I understand that it must be taking a lot of time checking all these orbs out. An email would have been really good tho. :slight_smile:
Ps.Will we get an email even if the orbs are not selected? I dont know how long to wait :sweat_smile:

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