OAuth 1.0 - Invalid Signature Error


We have an app that pulls data from a Wordpress Website via the REST API WooCommerce provides. Instead of mocking everything we maintain a live site, and our tests ping it for testing.

All of this works fine locally, however when we run the tests in Circle CI we receive:

Unhandled rejection StatusCodeError: 401 - "{\"code\":\"woocommerce_rest_authentication_error\",\"message\":\"Invalid signature - provided signature does not match.\",\"data\":{\"status\":401}}"

My thought is this has something to do with the server time, but I checked and the output of date seemed correct.

We’re building using the docker executor and the circleci/node:7 image. The tests are run using Jest.

Any ideas on things we could try to get this to work?



Can you link me to your build?
Are you using env vars to store data? I ask because variables are not necessarily shared between steps.


It’s a private repo, would you still be able to access it? Also is it possible for me to direct message it or email it to you?

We aren’t storing any data beyond keys in environment variables. There’s a consumer key and secret in the build for this.


Yes && yes, but it might not be helpful for an error like this.

Do you know what can cause that 401 error with that service?


The only thing I can think of is something related to the server time.


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