Notify with workflows fire multiple times




We’re using a workflow which has two jobs. There is also a notify section.

Unfortunately we receive every webhook twice… Is there the possibility to only receive one webhook after all the jobs have completed successfully?

  version: 2
      - test
      - pronto

    - url: https://long-url


Going to bump this, as I have the same question. If webhooks are configured for a workflow, it would be nice to only get them once, instead of once per job in the workflow.

Alternatively, being able to configure webhooks at the job level would be equally (or perhaps more) useful.

This applies to email notifications, as well… I’m working on migrating to circle 2.0 with workflows for a project, and now I get 2-3 emails per run of tests, due to the way jobs are broken down. It doesn’t help that build jobs consistently pass, but test steps consistently fail, leading to a pattern of “fixed” -> “failed” email/slack notifications.


Big :+1:

Has anyone found a good solution for this?


I run into the same limitation. Having one webhook per job is not a bad thing, but then it would be consequent to define the webhook notification on a per-job basis.

For my integration(s) I would need a workflow-as-a-whole notification, as I’m interested if the workflow itself was run properly or not.

Except this, I’m quite happy with CircleCI and the direction of 2.0!


Yes to notifications at the job level.


I’m in a similar situation. I’d love for a way of only getting notified once per workflow.


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