Notifications for Workflows



We rely entirely on workflows, rather than individual builds. As such, it would be great to filter HipChat notifications such that we only ever receive them based on workflow outcome, not on build outcome.


Agreed, now that we have moved to workflows. the notifications on individual builds are confusing because one build in the pipeline can fail, and then if another build in the same pipeline succeeds, it notifies us that PR has been fixed.


Same here. I was confused in exactly the same way as timc13. I want to be notified if my subsequent commits fix my failing workflow or not. If the first step (i.e. build) succeeds and the next step (i.e. test) fails, I receive alternating success/failure notifications which is extremely annoying.


Same here, one notification per workflow is enough.

A job passing after a job failing does not really mean the workflow status is fixed… So current notifications are not only too verbose, but confusing.

Other than that, workflows are awesome! :heart:


Indeed, I was very surprised to learn that there are no consolidated workflow notifications rather than individual job ones.

I’m currently evaluating if we should move our open source project from Travis to Circle CI.
Our test setup is relatively complex, the workflow I’ve come up with has 16 jobs (and will probably end up at about ~22 once everything is ported over). If one of the early stages fail getting bombarded by ~20 “failing” emails is no fun at all.

To be honest this is close to being a dealbreaker for me which is a total shame because the rest of it is really awesome…