Not running new builds?




I ws about to create a new post about docker networking issues I am having, but I have now noticed that CircleCI is not picking up on new commits to my repo. I’ve also tried rebuilding a failed build and it is stuck as “Queued”. Is there anything I can do or any update on this?



Hi Pat,

This is due to infrastructure issues with AWS S3–it’s also affecting our third party integrations like Github, Heroku and Bitbucket. Our ops team is monitoring the situation closely.


Interestingly, this is my only dependency that is fully impacted by the us-east-1 outage. I moved all of my infrastructure off of us-east-1 5 years ago and never looked back.

While y’all may have to use us-east-1 for business purposes, it would be great if some customers could select a us-west-1 environment (for example). IIRC, us-west-1 had 1 second of downtime last year (and 12 seconds the year before that)?

Regardless, I feel for you guys and I’m sure this is a crappy time over at the office. Hopefully it’ll be rolling again soon :slight_smile:


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