No build triggered when I commit with a tag on bitbucket




First of all, 2.0 is a real improvement especially the fact that I can use my own docker images to speed things.

I am playing with a simple project, everything works just fine when I commit to my repo. The config.yml (CCI 2.0) is played as expected as it was with CCI 1.0.

I have a very strange behaviour when I commit with a tag to this repo : there is no build at all in circleci (not even the build for the commit itself).

I can see in bitbucket administration that the webhook is triggered. I forced a second attempt but nothing poped up in circleci interface. I compared the webhook request body with another request done with another repo still using CCI 1.0 and both body are very similar.

I checked community posts on this subject especially repository ownership and commit author but it didn’t solved the problem.

I am totally off-topic or could this be related to CCI 2.0 ?

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Tags are mostly broken in 2.0 at this time.


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