Next-Gen MariaDB Convenience Image Beta

The next-gen MariaDB image is now available in beta. The following tags are currently available:

  • cimg/mariadb:10.6.5cimg/mariadb:10.6
  • cimg/mariadb:10.5.13cimg/mariadb:10.5
  • cimg/mariadb:10.4.22cimg/mariadb:10.4
  • cimg/mariadb:10.3.32cimg/mariadb:10.3

We would love your feedback on this new image during the beta phase!

Please either post here, or create an issue on GitHub

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

  • Are you coming from the legacy image (circleci/mariadb)? If so, how does this work for you?
    • Faster?
    • Slower?
    • Missing a feature?
    • Stability?
  • Do you need a MariaDB version the beta doesn’t have yet?

As this image is in beta, it is not yet considered stable. The image is subject to change throughout the beta phase while we optimise and consider feedback.


This thread will be updated if any significant changes are made to the image.

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This image is now in RC. Please see the following topic for more information: