New UI displays large build error even though CI was skipped

We have commits to branches like gh-pages that do not use the same build configurations as other branches. This branch does not include a .circleci directory because it doesn’t need it; the branch is built and managed by GitHub. For that reason, we always add the [skip ci] tag to commits that go into this branch because we know Circle shouldn’t touch them.

CircleCI does correctly skip these builds and reports them as such in the UI, but it still tries to process the configuration file (which in these cases isn’t there) and reports it. I feel like commits which request that builds get skipped should not even try to process that step. I can’t figure out if there is any scenario where skipped builds still need to access the configuration file.

This isn’t exclusive to the new UI, but it’s now more prominent in the new Pipelines page because these errors are displayed up-front there rather than before where it just showed a Build Error in the existing status field. Our Pipelines page is getting taken over by these messages because we push commits to that branch every time our mainline development branch is updated.