New Convenience Image Early Access - Ready for testing!


CircleCI’s Community & Partner Engineering team (@FelicianoTech, @rose) has been hard at work creating a new set of improved convenience images we hope to fully release :soon:.

We are looking for users interested in testing some of these new alpha Docker images to see how they may compare to what you are using currently, whether you use CircleCI’s existing Docker convenience images or any other Docker images.

Please note: These images are in active development and are not suitable for production environments. These images are only intended to be used currently for testing and user feedback.

What we hope to achieve with these new images:

  • Faster “Spin-Up” time

    • By utilizing efficiently designed images built upon each other we can maximize the likelihood any given host may contain the layers needed for all or most of any given convenience image as they are adopted.
  • Improved reliability

    • Previously if an official language image on the DockerHub had changed its base image we would need to reactively update all images with a manual patch. We can now maintain all base images and variants in one location
  • Self-documentation

Please take a look at the code and assets for these images at the following locations:

Docker Hub:


Please share your feedback via the Google form at the bottom.

images preview


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This new shared base image will give us more control and reliability meaning we should run into fewer issues due to upstream changes from the official docker images of these languages. This image will contain the base for all language images. It contains all the essential tools such as git, curl, ca-certificates, gzip and more.

This image is an excellent base for your own custom Docker images if you currently use your own image on CircleCI. Using this base image will come with the benefit of faster “Spin-Up” times as more users adopt the image and others based on it and the host machines populate with these layers.



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CircleCI Build Status GitHub License CircleCI Community


CircleCI Build Status GitHub License CircleCI Community


CircleCI Build Status GitHub License CircleCI Community


CircleCI Build Status GitHub License CircleCI Community

We are soft-launching these images to our Discuss users to collect feedback. We’d love to know your experience with them, issues you may run into, performance improvements, or anything else you can share.

Send us your feedback!



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Updated. Thank you.

1 Like is available on docker hub, but not github or this announcement. Is it ready to use?

We will be updating the main post as we make progress (we wanted to collect feedback as early as possible). As of writing this, we are very much interested in feedback in base, node, rust, and ruby. Python is nearly “ready” to be added to this list but we have not yet made the repo public (similar to android at the moment).

The Docker image as it is currently is available and we are open to feedback but we do expect you may run into some trouble at the moment.

We’ll continue to update the main post.

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OpenJDK added!

The OpenJDK image will pave the way for our android based image to be added shortly.


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Rust added!


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Are there any plans for cimg/terraform ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @christianhaller3000,

Not yet at the moment but this is the kind of feedback we are looking for! Our current round of images are going to be all based on programming languages and services (databases). Are you mostly interested in an image with Terraform already pre-installed?

What I might recommend in the meantime is taking a look at some of the community created terraform orbs:
An official terraform orb is likely to be coming possibly within the next quarter.

As for an image containing terraform, what we would recommend for any Docker image needs that are not currently served, is to create a custom image using the new cimg/base image as the base. The base image will be highly cached on CircleCI and contain all of the needed components to run a build on CircleCI meaning you can reduce the amount of additional layers to download from any custom image.


Btw, 5 more images are in early access status:

With many of the images in the first post making it to preview. You can see the preview images here.

Any chance of getting a convenience image in Linux for dotnet? The language would be c# then.

Hi. We’ve been determining what our process will be for taking requests for new images. Please visit CircleCI Ideas to see if your request for this image has already been made. If it’s there, please up vote it to show your support. If it’s not, please create a new request and make sure to use the category “Images” so that our team will be notified. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, turns out Microsoft already provides working dockerfiles for Linux and Windows. I have successfully used from Docker Hub for dotnet linux builds.
It would be nice if this can be documented in your list for C#.