Need a Docker image for Bash, Git and Docker


This is great! Thank you!

I have a 2.0 build wherein on the build container I really just need Bash, Docker, and Git. Is there an image somewhere on DockerHub that you can recommend?

(I tried circleci/ruby:latest and it worked well; but it makes it look like my project needs Ruby to build when it really doesn’t. Also sometimes apparently even the CircleCI images aren’t cached on the host (I’m using remote docker) so I’d rather use smaller images for faster builds.)

(I tried docker:git but no Bash. I tried running apk add bash in a build step but no dice — I still couldn’t use Bashisms like [[ in my build steps. I tried deanrather/docker-docker-node-git-bash and it worked well but I don’t need Node.)


CircleCI Images for 2.0
CircleCI Images for 2.0

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