Hi all,

Locally, we have tried running a test MySQL instance on RAM disk and it has improved our testing speeds by a LOT.

I was wondering if there is any way to do the same on Circle 2?


I am currently looking into the same issue, and am testing out the circleci/mysql5.6-ram image provided to test.

Initial tests show a distinct speed up of between 15 and 70% depending on the group of unit tests running (and I assume their mysql-heavy usage).

Highly suggest using this image, its a dropin replacement for the mysql:5.6 image.

I think this should be made more clear from the documents that this is a much more performant image to use, I believe all the existing documentation uses the references the vanilla mysql image.


Awesome, thanks!! Will check it out.

They really do need to add it to the docs, we almost built such a docker ourselves.