Multiple PHP Environments



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It was mentioned that features for this were being built out, is that still the case, or is this gonna be one of those “fight against Docker, you’re on your own” kind of things?


We will support more than one job, so instead of just build, you can have any number. You can then use a different base image for that job. I don’t really have more information than that - I’m still unclear on certain implementation specifics.

But the future is definitely bright! We’ll be supporting cron, too.


Do you have a dedicated issue for the “We’ll be supporting cron” comment, scheduled builds would be awesome for us :slight_smile:


I don’t fully understand what that means but I can confirm we will have scheduled builds.


I meant like an issue/thread dedicated to that feature so that I can follow along on the progress.


No, we do not.


Thanks for the help on multiple issues now, this “more than one job” support. Is that somethings that’s available to play around with now? Or is that something a bit further down the pipeline?


It’s coming down the pipeline and will be available soon from what I understand.


Sweet! Then for now I’ll setup the builds for a single version and add other versions once that becomes available. Where would be the best place to track when that feature rolls out?


Probably here on Discuss. Our docs team has been super awesome in documenting new features - some before even I know about them - and they’ve been posting about them on this board. I am watching all these boards so I get emails about it. If you just watch the parent category CircleCI 2.0, you’ll be notified of new features.


Perfect, thanks again rohara


I’ve just posted a way you can test multiple versions with 2.0 Beta: How to test multiple versions by triggering jobs with a shell function

Hopefully that’s helpful to get you up and running.


This is awesome Tom, gonna check it out today and give it a try.


@hunter Great - let us know how you get on. I haven’t tested that YAML yet and am just running up a demo project. So you’ll likely need some changes to get the current example working. But the principle should be fine.