Multiple Configuration Files


Our circle ci configuration is getting rather large (450+ lines), and I was wondering if there’s any support for splitting the config file into multiple files yet?


Bloomin’ Nora! :grin:

Is there any duplication in this file? You can use predefined YAML references to replace duplicate sections with a reference symbol to a single copy. If this might help, check Wikipedia - it is surprisingly detailed.


Yeah, I know about references, but really it’s not that much help and also adds mental overhead.


Fair enough.

OK, the simple solution I’d do is:

  • Split the file into pieces and store in whatever format you like
  • Write a script to merge and convert the pieces as appropriate into the YAML output
  • Commit the script, the individual pieces, and the script output
  • Whenever you make a change to a piece, run the script again and commit the changed piece(s) and the full version
  • Create a new CI step to ensure the full version is up-to-date with the pieces (you want your CI to fail if they come out of sync)


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There isn’t currently support for splitting config files. We see some that are very large (multiple thousands of lines). Please feel free to submit a feature request: