Multi-stage builds for integration tests



I wanted to split my build into 2 parts - unit tests and much longer integration tests.

Would be great to have a feature where one branch would have circle.yml and circle-integration.yml where the second one runs only if regular unit tests pass; and then integration tests start. Or an inetgration section in circle.yml where i can specify how to run integration tests.

Ideally i’d have 2 call-backs to Github to record that both tests have passed; but i’d at least have a quick sanity check that regular fast unit tests pass; and then integration phase can take longer


+1 I am interested in doing something similar but with something that would allow us to split up our cucumber test suite and allow circle to auto-balance the features.
Right now it looks like circle will only auto balance one cucumber suite


I am interested in doing Integration tests with some delay after deployment and different notification.
Deploy: (Green) SUCCESS
Integration Tests: (Red) FAILED