Moved github repo no longer able to find workflows in config


Hi, I recently moved the project to a new organization, now located at using github’s transfer tool. Unfortunately, when I attempt to build on CircleCI, my old config no longer seems to work.

Under the Configuration tab it shows the correct circle.yml with the workflows top-level keyword, but when it goes to run I get the following error:

Build-agent version 0.0.5684-f241456 (2018-05-14T17:33:44+0000)
Configuration errors: 1 error occurred:

  • Cannot find a job named build to run in the jobs: section of your configuration file.
    If you expected a workflow to run, check your config contains a top-level key called ‘workflows:’

Any ideas what might be going wrong here? Thanks!


Try removing the project from CI and re-adding it - I think I have seen it here before that this has a “resetting” effect.


Circle sometimes experiences issues related to project moves and org renames – try the following steps to reset the webhooks for the project:

  1. Remove all CircleCI webhooks and services from your GitHub repo settings.
  2. Tell the project to stop building on CircleCI through “Project settings”.
  3. Add the project back on CircleCI.