Missing error messages?



Just working on self-onboarding myself today, with an email to a handful of forum posts here. I’m running into some immediate issues with builds that fail without explanation, it’s a bit difficult to know what I’ve screwed up and where to go next.

Any suggestions?

Early in this process, I’m also running into some trouble with the default ubuntu image not supporting git. I’m a bit puzzled why any image wouldn’t have git in it, since that’s a pretty common thing I’ll want to do every time. I don’t want to apt-get install git, since that seems like probably not the right thing to do, but giving docker hub image tags doesn’t seem to work, and I don’t have a list of all images supported OOTB by CircleCI 2.0, so I’m a bit of a loss at how to use git. If I use the incantations from the sample CircleCI 2.0 file, and I use the mongodb and postgres images (although I don’t need them) then somehow git works, probably incidentally to those containers.


You either need to install git or build an image yourself with git installed. We are aware this is less-than-ideal and we’d like to make it more streamlined, but for now, you need to make git available on the system.

The reason git is not installed on a lot of images is because the image is intended to be as minimal as possible. Installing git is needless overhead for certain images; that’s at least the mentality behind the images.