Migrating 1.0 to 2.0: containers, jobs, steps



We are a small dev team (3 devs) and want to test the advantages of migrating to 2.0.

Our use case would be to run a build that contain 4 test suites (each suite currently taking 10 minutes to run).
Ideally these would run in parallel with the possibility to retry one of the failed test suite.
A plus would be to also run builds in parallel.

We are struggling with the terms container, jobs, steps and parallellism :frowning:

Hereby a link to the old 1.0 file and the new 2.0 file.

note: we do not have a release branch anymore, so removed from 2.0 file.

Could someone please explain the terminology (container, jobs, steps and parallellism, … )
and/or review these build configs to see if we are on the right track for our use case ?

Thank you.

kind regards, Tom.


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