Memory limit warning in 2.0


Is the OOM warning referenced in enabled in 2.0? I have some build failures that could be caused by running out of memory, but none of the failing builds have any warning.


No, it’s not. We’re actually hitting a likely OOM issue ourselves and I don’t yet see a way to determine how much resources available at a given time. Since we have to look at the cgroups, using free won’t help.

Can you link me to one of the builds in question?

Way to determine if builds are running out of memory?

Sure, here’s one:

The lines I’m seeing are like compile(scala/test/me/dwnld/webhosting/datasource/impl:impl) failed: Zinc compile failed. Normally pants, our build tool, would print out the compiler error, but there’s nothing relevant in the logs. Pants forks processes to compile in parallel, so I assume one of these forks is getting killed to free up memory.


It’s unclear to me why that’s happening. If it is memory, it’s worth a shot to try allocating more. Can you contact your CSM for access to the resource beta? I’d love for you to try a larger instance.