Manually triggered deployment stages

I can see that deployment stages run automatically after successful build and test stages.
I would like to be able to have my build and test stages run as normal, and then instead of kicking off an automated deployment, having an option to trigger it.

We are using CI for our iOS app and we don’t want users spammed by Testflight builds every time we push a small change to a build.


This is on our radar - still in R&D mode, but something we know many teams would like to have.

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One thing you could do is to have deploy scripts that decide if the deploy should go through, maybe depending on the commit message.

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It’s been a few months since this thread saw activity. Are there any updates?

My team is currently using a different CI, I’ll hint it starts with a J :wink: We’re considering to migrate our builds into cci but the lack of this feature stops us.

Why we need it so badly? We’re a small startup and we have’t got to create sufficiently thorough tests suits. Since we don’t want to break master branch unnecessarily, we manually merge pull requests, and we manually promote production bundles. Basically, we control the deployment of builds to some of our aws elastic beanstalk environments (not all of them, some are still automated).

One of various scenarios: we have a build job for pull requests which doesn’t auto-deploy and test. Our qa team goes thru the PRs, deploys them into one of few aws beanstalk environments, tests it. Then moves to the next PR…

The option of kicking off an automated deployment from a circle-ci build (as mentioned by @casshill ) would be perfect for us. Seems it could be facilitated by adding a button which triggers a script run. The script can be defined in circle.yml similarly to other run commands. The UI may provide a dropdown option to choose parameters to the script (this could be used to specify the aws ebs environment in our case, for example).

The ROI on such a feature is huge. It probably requires little dev-team effort, while providing the team with flexibility and fine-grain control over the build promotion process.

So, is it a good feature or a great feature?


Everything @knigal said. Having a manual deployment step is an integral part of our workflow for some projects and it missing is the only thing we don’t like about CircleCI. Please let us know if there is any progress or eta for this.


do you have an ETA for this? We are currently using CircleCI for automatic tests builds as CI primarily but we are looking to to use it as a CD, and manual deployment is a must since we work with multiple branches and have a few only testing environments which we don’t want every push to trigger the deploy.

if the manual trigger does not work for you, at least is there a similar way to [ci skip] that can prevent a deploy but still trigger tests?

Yes, still waiting for the same, seen it in feature requests since long time ago, maybe even created one before, but still no progress.

The good news is this is now beyond theoretical on our end. It will still be a while before we can release any details, but as part of what’s enabled with our 2.0 platform (currently in private beta) over the coming months we’ll be releasing various features that give more granular control over your workflows, including manual triggers for jobs. I really wish I had hard dates for you, but we’re not quite at that point.


Thanks for the update @ndintenfass!

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It seems that 2.0 is now in public beta. Do you guys have any updates on the schedule for manual triggers?

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Would also like an update on this! As well as the general CD pipelines.


Any news about that?

@ndintenfass Any updates on roadmap for this feature in 2.0?

Any news about this?

We’re working on this feature right now. The Beta release of ‘Workflows’ ( was the first step in this process and lays the groundwork for this feature.

I’m not able to give a release date, but we’ll update here as soon as it’s available. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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Great ! Thanks @tom.

Do you need any beta testers? Just migrating from Snap and very keen to try this out.

I believe that there is an open pull request for this:

@jsnt I have implemented simple pipeline/workflow demonstrating this feature:

Cheers, I’ll have a look and report back.

Thanks @idugalic, I can get the Approval job in the UI now. Approving the job doesn’t trigger, but I assume there’s other UI work being done by the team at Circle. Best Julian.