Manually trigger a "build all commits between two revisions"


I am pushing a PR on a project, and the build fails. I know that the master branch works.

How do I tell circleCI to build all the commits in-between so that I see which change broke?

Asked there as well:



The only way that I know of is either using the REST API, or to simply open a new PR which contains the commits you want to test/merge.

Hope that helps!


Opening a PR for every commit I want to test is a bit cumbersome.
I don’t see this functionality in the REST API: I basically want to pass a commit hash to trigger a build.


Ideally CircleCI would even run a git bisect to find the faulty commit for me :slight_smile:


@nha My recommendation is to specify the SHA for the commit using the API, if you need anything more, you can specify any number of parameterized builds for your project.


Unless I am missing something,I don’t see any parameter to pass a sha commit in the API.
I did run it on my machine instead.


For the trigger build call, the SHA would be used for the revision parameter.


Thanks Feliciano, this would have been was I was looking for :slight_smile: