Manual trigger of non-build jobs?


I remember reading a blog post of some API-only way of triggering different jobs in the beta , but can’t find any information of this anymore. Has this gone missing because of workflows?


Im not sure I understand what you mean by that, can you give me an example of what you are trying to do?


Sorry for this being a bit unclear, but essentially having a non-build entry in the jobs section of my circle-CI config, and triggering a run of that job through the API.

My understanding is that the Github/push hooks will only attempt to trigger the build entry in jobs but I would like to trigger multiple builds.

While I would like to use workflows, according the the FAQ they are not supported for forked repos at the moment (we work off of forked repos from a principal repo). So I’m trying to figure out if I can simulate the workflows functionality by just triggering multiple jobs myself through the API.


I have the same problem here, any solution?


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