Managing Parallelism with the 2.0 Tests CLI



Documentation for this topic is now available on our documentation site:

How to get started with parallel builds
Picard errors on machine executor


A few of additional notes:

  • This tool is available on and within the local CircleCI builder.

  • You can specify multiple globs. This is pretty common for test suites in 1.0. For example: picard tests glob "tests/unit/*.java" "tests/functional/*.java"

  • As you migrate from 1.0 to 2.0, it’s worthwhile to manually check that your globs pick up exactly what you want and nothing else. picard tests glob scans the filesystem based on the globs you pass it and returns plain text in Bash. So you can do check your glob results by adding a line like the following:

      - type: shell
        command: |
        # Print all files in one line
        echo $(picard tests glob "foo/**/*" "bar/**/*")
        # Print one file per line
        picard tests glob "foo/**/*" "bar/**/*" | xargs -n 1 echo