Make available minutes and used minutes easier to compare


It’s great that users can see how many build minutes they have used in the current month. For example, this is the title in my Settings page:

Current Linux plan: Hobbyist (1500 Minutes) - $0/month

And in the table below, I have:

Container Time Used
3h 33m 21s

Now, this is fine - I’ve worked out that 1500 minutes is 25 hours, and thus if I have used 3.5 hours, I am well within limits. However, in UI terms it’s easier to compare like-with-like, so I wonder if one of these could change (from hours to minutes, or vice versa)?

For bonus points with jangly bells on, a little bar graph would be awesome. That’s useful as an at-a-glance of what is still available. I wonder also whether it is worth promoting such a widget to the top bar (e.g. next to the Organizational Settings cog) so it is available without digging into Settings?

Anyway, a very minor suggestion, hope it is useful. Thanks for the work you do on making the free tier available.


This really seems like a no-brainer - why not show both hours and then minutes, like “3h 36m 37s
(217m 37s)”