MacOS with Xcode 14.3.0 has the wrong Ruby version

We have been using the Macos executor with Xcode 14.3.0 for a while and it is supposed to ship with Ruby version 3.0.5 according the installed software listed in the docs. Our builds stopped working today and now when I SSH’d into the job to check what versions exist it outputs the following:

static:project distiller$ rbenv versions
rbenv: version `3.0.5' is not installed (set by /Users/distiller/project/.ruby-version)
static:project distiller$

It looks like the Ruby version included with the executor changed some how.

As per our image policy, patch versions are updated in-place and can include bumps to patch versions of included software as part of the process.

The 14.3.0 image was replaced with 14.3.1 recently:

It is better to use the macOS orb as it contains logic to fuzzy match Ruby versions, allowing you to just specify a major.minor version, rather than working down to the patch level (patch images will retain the same major.minor versions of Ruby):

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