Live preview of tests results



It would be interesting to see the test results on the fly, not just in the end of the build which might take up to several hours.

Often I look at logs to see whether my new change breaks anything. The live preview of failures would help a lot and would decrease the development cycle from hours to minutes.

Also, it would be cool to filter out displayed stacktraces to only my domain. I not interested in stacktraces from protractor but only from my files. This would help a lot. But this can be described as another feature request :slight_smile:

An another improvement would be to integrate azachar/protractor-screenshoter-plugin into your test summary, so you would be able to see the live a screenshot from the failed protractor test without even be the build finished. The plugin itself allows it, so it is only you who is displaying the results…

Well, hope there are more people like me asking for this :slight_smile: