List bundled software version in the build log


You always want to know which versions of all the software involved in your build are being used. Having the environment cached contributes to you not knowing the versions being used in your build.

It would be great to list all those versions during a build phase. For instance, you could run bundle list if bundle check says it’s updated. Knowing OS, compiler, etc versions also helps.

I think it’s a really sane default to assume this while inferring commands.


Where would you want this data to go? Artifacts, special tab in the UI, something else?


I’m thinking either
Infrastructure - Starting the build (mostly empty)
Machine - Configure the build (always empty)

(Assuming you make a default, like some other places do)


I’m OK with that showing in the build log. Nothing special - just print the relevant versions in each phase.

Just as you show the environment variables on the Start container phase, you can print the container’s base versions (ie, kernel, docker, gcc versions, etc). Later, on the bundle install phase, run bundle list so I see all my gems listed. And something like that for other build systems.

If you want to make something special to show this info, no problem - for me, it’s OK if that’s just printed on the log.

It’s not something I want to check every time, but it’s too bad it’s not there whenever I need it.