Limit the number of parallel builds



I just got started with CircleCI 2.0. My account has 3 containers and so I was able to parallely run 3 builds with CI 1.0 configuration.
However, in the new config I can’t find a way to restrict it to 3 builds and queue all the other build requests, so that a maximum of 3 builds happen at any given point of time. I need it because one of my paid integrations cannot handle more than 3 parallel builds.


What functionality are you seeing in 2.0 that differs from 1.0 with respect to queueing?


In my account, we have bought 2 containers. So, when using 1x parallelism, I am able to run 3 parallel builds. I want to keep it that way.
But while using 2.0, it runs more than 3 parallel builds instead of queuing the additional ones.


Interesting. I’ll open a ticket to have our team investigate. Thanks for letting us know!


@pgAdmin Do you have any examples builds of this that I can pass on to our engineers? They’re looking into this issue.