Limit branches that can be built from



Allow builds to be triggered on certain specified branches only and all PRs.

This is partially available in “Advanced Settings” under the “Only build pull requests” section but it only covers the default branch and PRs - my request is to extend this to more branches specified by the developer.

So my present flow involves the following branching strategy:

develop (default branch)
feature (will become PRs)

I want any commits made to develop, release, or master to trigger a build however feature branches should only result in builds once a PR is created.

At the moment I need to allow building on all branches to be triggered by commits so that I can support my branching strategy, this results in unnecessary builds (on the feature branches which have been pushed to the repo but are not yet ready for PR) which eats up the minutes available on my OS X plan.


Is what you are looking for?


No, it’s not. Actually, I’m looking for the exact same solution. Basically I want to be able to build all pull requests and my primary branch, which is currently working.

However, the difference is, I want to be able to build specified branches in addition to the current setup. I have develop as my primary branch and whenever I ship, I merge to master. I would also like to be able to build all tags, maybe that’s already possible?