Leiningen version and caching behavior

I have a couple questions I can’t find in the docs. I noticed the leiningen version is 2.5. The current stable version is about 2.7. Is there a way to use that?

Presently it seems that leiningen 2.5 doesn’t play well when creating a lein ring uberjar to be used as an artifact. Unless there’s behavior in circle that is preventing the ring uberjar from forming?

Also, tests and the ring uberjar don’t seem to cache despite ~/.lein and ~/.m2 being in the cached directories setting.

I am having a similar problem that needs an upgrade to leiningen. Looks like there is some conflict with the latest version of s3-wagaon-private that is fixed if you use a more recent version of leiningen,


So is there an easy way to have a more up to date leiningen?


I was able to force an upgrade of leiningen in my circle.yml by putting this in:

    - echo y | sudo LEIN_ROOT=1  lein upgrade

But it would be nice if there was a way to not have to run this everytime

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Hello @rberger,

Thank you for posting your solution to this problem.

Currently our build image contains all common dependencies for testing applications on the platform. This includes lein 2.5.3, and if you want a different version you have to install it yourself each build. There are ways to reduce the time this takes, such as caching the package or something… but ultimately this is due to the limitation of our single-image infrastructure.

There is hope!

With our new platform, now in closed beta you will be able to use almost any image of your choice! Including one with the exact version of (lein for example) that you need.

The “manual” upgrade of lein in circle.yml works but it makes the run longer.

I would be interested in pointers on how to minimize the impact thru caching or some similar technique as well as an invite to the beta when it opens up.


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@rberger Could you please email support@circleci.com about beta access to 2.0?

As for improving the upgrade time for lein that is something we’ll have to experiment with.
Please let us know if you come up with a solution!

Best, Zak