Legacy Convenience Image Deprecation

Thanks, changing the cache path to /home/circleci/go/bin/golangci-lint helped. But we also upgraded the golangci-lint version itself which created entire new keys.

This request is currently being tracked on CircleCI Ideas.

The Developer Hub is the source of truth for next-gen Convenience Images and what tags are available. I can definitely add a note in the OP that latest is not a thing here.

Hi, please open up an Issue on the cimg/python repo mentioning this and your use case. We can likely getting that going for newer releases of the image.

  1. I made a PR for Go v1.10.8. The next-gen Go image was released after this version which is why we skipped it. Please keep in mind, the new image was made with Go Modules in mind. So once that PR is reviewed and merged, Go v1.10.8 will be available but you may need to make sure you have everything in order for legacy GOPATH support. This includes placing your code in the correct directory structure within the image (GOPATH is $HOME/go.
  2. Once we release a new image for a particular version, we don’t publish it again. That image is a snapshot in time. If you want updates, you need to do them via apt-get, an orb, or some other fashion. Otherwise, you would move to a new image tag, such as a new Go version, to get updates from CircleCI.
  3. Customizing for images is best done with orbs. For Go, you can use the Go orb to install whatever version you’d like.
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It seems the tagging scheme for the Android images has changed from the API version, e.g. circleci/android:api-29-ndk to a time-based one, e.g. cimg/android:2022.03-ndk. Is there a conversion table or something similar? cc @FelicianoTech

I just added a note for Android above.

The GitHub readme for an image or the image page on the Developer Hub are the best places to get this information. Clicking a tag on the DevHub shows you what’s in it. For Android that would be:

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No next-gen image for node-js?

It was one of the first released: cimg/node - CircleCI

Hi Feliciano,

I am working with reshmaneerukonda on `cimg/php:8.0-browsers image.
When we use this, the docker commands like docker-php-ext-configure and docker-php-ext-install could not be found as it’s saying it is not ubuntu based. Could you please guide us further? Thanks.

Hi Feliciano,

What is the next-gen image for circleci/ruby:2.7.4-buster ?

In the table in the original post it lists a cimg/mongo next-gen image.

I don’t see it listed at CircleCI Developer - Images and changing the image name in the config.yml results in the error:

Error pulling image cimg/mongo: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for cimg/mongo, repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied: requested access to the resource is denied… retrying
image cache not found on this host, downloading cimg/mongo

Legacy Image Next-Gen Image

circleci/mongo cimg/mongo

Should the Next-Gen image just be “mongo” ?

Correct. Thank you for pointing that out, fixed.


What’s the next-gen image for buildpack-deps:trusty ? I tried using cimg/base and that didn’t work for me.