KVM emulation



Will CircleCI 2.0 support KVM emulation?
This is a feature that enables running x86 Android emulators which are MUCH faster than ARM emulators. I believe this feature would mean a lot to everyone using CircleCI for Android development.


Just to give you an idea of the magnitude of difference, this article shows in benchmarks that an x86 emulator starts up in as low as 22 seconds whereas an ARM emulator takes more then 300 seconds to start up.

This alone makes it impossible for us to run instrumentation tests on Circle CI.



2.0 makes it possible to expand in new ways. I don’t see why KVM wouldn’t be possible, but I do not know if it’s on the roadmap yet.


It’s been almost a year, any update on this? Has it been considered?

To my knowledge Google never released arm images for Android API level 26 or 27. So at this point it seems more functionally necessary to support x86 images than anything else.


x86 support is planned but I can’t guarantee a timeline. Probably 2018.