Kill signal problem


Trying to move from circleci v1 to 2, but having an issue: rspec is failing with "Received ‘killed’ signal."
Rspec is able to finish locally with the CLI, and if I ssh into the build and start running tests manually, I can cause the fail by running a group of tests, but not if I run the tests individually. Starting to run out of ideas, any advice?
Latest build is here:


Looks like a possible duplicate of this, found with this search (first item).


Yes, I saw that thread. Seemed as though it was addressed by CircleCI according to this:


It looks like you’re either segfaulting or running out of memory.


Yes, thanks. I chunked up the tests and the system handled shutting down more gracefully, allowing us to confirm that we were having a memory prob. Removed the parallelism for now.


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