Keep scrolled to bottom (follow) on build results


For t5hos of us who watch the builds, it would be great if we had the ability to keep the build results stay scrolled to the bottom.

For an example:

There is a round button at the start of the log below ‘download log’ When selected, it will stay scrolled to the bottom as the build runs though it’s steps. It would be great if CircleCI had something like this.

Thank you for the great service!


Actually we also do have the button! You can move your mouse to the top right corner of output and you will see the arrow.

Weird scrolling on build pages

Awesome! I did not see that before!.


This has never really worked for me.

Observing the behavior of CircleCI, it seems that autoscrolling enables whenever the bottom line of the current build step is somewhere near the bottom of the screen (autoscroll will start when you scroll near the end of the screen, just not all the way to the end).

The buttons appear to scroll to just that position for the step to which they are attached. That is, only the button for the currently running step will enable autoscroll – the others will just scroll the last lines of that step’s screen output into view.

If a CircleCI script has many short steps, clicking the right button becomes a game of whack-a-mole. Also, the button doesn’t seem to work when the current step is generating output at a high rate of lines per second.

So far, my best bet is to scroll down manually, hoping to somehow reach the position at which autoscroll will start.

I’d suggest adding an autoscroll button to the top of the build log.