Join us for our inaugural Open Circle Sessions with CircleCI Product

DATE and TIME: 2020-03-26T19:00:00Z

Open Circle Sessions enable CircleCI community members to interact directly with CircleCI teams and employees to discuss all things CircleCI. It’s an opportunity for the community to learn the latest and greatest in the CircleCI universe, and also serves as a continuous feedback loop between the community and CircleCI.

In this edition of Open Circle we’re going to discuss the new CircleCI User Interface with Senior Product Manager Kate Catlin. Kate will discuss the new UI design and highlight improvements and new features along with a general walkthrough to help familiarize users with navigation.

This session is designed to be interactive and some community members will have an open mic and the opportunity to ask Kate and her team questions about the new UI and more importantly offer constructive feedback regarding the new UI.

So join us Thursday, March 26 at 12PM PT, for a candid conversation with the CircleCI team. AS AN ADDED BONUS, anyone who signs up and attends this session will receive a link to donate $25 to a charity of their choosing.

DATE and TIME: 2020-03-26T19:00:00Z

Thank you to all who attended, and my apologies for being slow to upload the video for the session. We will be uploading the unanswered questions soon as well.