Jobs being renamed when I add jira orb


I’ve added the jira orb to our workflows. But now the final job in each workflow is being renamed from ‘workflow_completed’ to ‘workflow_completed-1’. This job exists in multiple workflows but only once within a workflow and this renaming breaks our github integration.

I would appreciate any assistance on this.

I can not directly help, but you may want to

Post the issue directly to the github repo that holds the orb, this way any developer tasked with maintaining the code should get a notification of the issue.

Raise a support issue via

An Orb does not modify the circleci.yml file, instead, the script parser combines the code from all the Orbs with the contents of the circleci.yml when it is processed. So any changes to job names are likely to be a result of the parser and so only something a staff member can comment on.