Job Priority in Workflows

Workflows currently let us split up our build into lots of smaller stages and run them concurrently, however not all jobs that run take the same amount of time. It would be really helpful to be able to assign a priority to jobs so that when a new container is started it will pick the job with the highest priority.

Currently the selection of which job to run seems to be non-deterministic which makes it difficult to prioritise jobs that we know take longer to run (and thus are the bottleneck for the build).


I agree, there are also times where I have a workflow with a finishing step (coverage report uploads) that takes all of 7 seconds, but if someone pushes to a branch before that final step it will prioritize the new build first, super annoying to wait 3 minutes 7 seconds for that build to finish to get my coverage report uploaded. Prioritizing in some fashion would be very helpful.


+1 Some builds also have dependants as part of the workflow. It makes sense to run those builds first so their dependants can get started.

Same thing here: some of our jobs run longer than others. I’d like to be able to prioritize slower jobs to run first.

Same here, we need that to prioritize longer running jobs

I’d love this feature too so deploy builds can be priotized.

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Same here, I’d like to prioritize the slowest job to reduce wait times. So annoying when all but one job start and it’s the slowest one for the entire workflow by far.

I came here to request the same thing and found this thread. I’m in support. This could be configured in config.yml or determined automatically through a simple algorithm based on dependencies and expected time.