Job inheritence?



Hi, i didn’t find any documentation about this, but is it possible to make job inheritence ?

My need is the following, i want to ensure my library works either with python2, and python3. I would like to define a build job which install dependencies and run test, collect coverage. Then extends this build job in two distincts jobs : one which run python2.7 docker image, and another one with python3.X.

By the way, awesome work ! This 2.0 version is really amazing and bring great functionalities !


I’d just set up virtualenv with Python 2.7 and 3.x and load them to run the scripts. If you place all your logic in bash scripts, your circle.yml becomes much easier to read and manage.


Oh right ! I was used to 1.0 which automatically create a virtual env. Thanks for the quick answer, i will do that :).

But is bash script capable of taking advantage of command name that are found in UI (though ENV variable or whatever) ?


A bash script can definitely leverage the env vars from the UI.