Is the release date known for new Ubuntu 16.04 machine images?

Just wondering if there’s any timeframe on newer KVM machine images. I’m fighting stuff that I don’t want to be around the included version of python in the Ubuntu that effectively no longer support running ansible using py2.7. Apparently, even though 14.04 is LTS, they’re not making new packages for it but I think this would qualify as a maintenance update.

I’ve got some other rather hacky ways around it, but I’d rather not go down that path if an updated image is going to drop, let’s say next week or so… Hahaha, wishful thinking I know. :slight_smile:

I imagine you could modify the trusted repo URLs to point to a newer version of Python compiled for Ubuntu, or failing that, see how long it takes to compile for every build (it may not be as bad as one would think).

It probably would not take too long to investigate these avenues, even if a new machine image release would be cleaner. As you say, you don’t know when that is going to be released.

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