Is it worth persisting with 2.0?


So far I’ve found 2.0 seems like more hassle and slower than 1.0.

Is heroku really this hard to use?
Why does it take this long to start postgres & redis?
Has auto splitting of things like rspec gone?

Is it worth persisting? Am I doing it wrong?




It doesn’t. Those numbers are how long those containers were running alongside the base container.

While we are still in beta, “yes”, but it’s not that bad:

Yes, you need to split it with the circleci CLI tool.

Definitely. You now have the ability to match your testing environment to your production environment. Installing all those dependencies on a Docker image should speed up your builds significantly.


Thank you for helping out @rohara.

Hi @rhs,

It is our priority to improve customer experience on 2.0 and we are working towards it in this Beta milestone.

I am working with my engineering team to simplify Heroku deployment. There will be updates in coming weeks.

Your concern about start up time is valid. As Ryan mentioned, these containers are running alongside the base container. I have noted this as an improvement to make this behavior clearer in our UI.

CircleCI CLI Tool can be used for splitting of testcases

We are constantly adding features and associated documentation to help improve customer experience on 2.0


Any updates on Heroku deployment? I got my Rails/Webpacker/Postgres app building on 2.0 after hours of banging my head and some timely help from @rohara but I’m not apt to spend time debugging shell scripts to get Heroku deployment working when it’s already magic in 1.0.


It’s still less than ideal, but it’s definitely doable, and we have it documented:

You need python-pip to install heroku, and you need your Heroku credentials stored as env vars. Then you should just need to add your SSH keys.


It took me a day to migrate a project and at times I wanted to give up because the docker-in-docker thing is a headache but now that it’s done, I have no regrets. The build time dropped from 12 mins to 7 mins so well worth it for my team.