Ipv6 support


Hello, one of our test suites requires ipv6, but CircleCI does not support it. Could support be added please?


I started researching what it would take for us to enable IPv6:

  • AAAA DNS entry (done)
  • Enable IPv6 in load balancers (done)
  • Add IPv6 Support to our web servers - pending
  • celebrate

while I can’t put a timeline on when this will happen, it is in my list of things to do



Please disable your AAAA DNS entry now.
You should not place AAAA record without IPv6 service available.
‘IPv6 ready proxy’ will access to Circle CI with IPv6 and will not reach to IPv4 service.
We, all of my company group private network users cannot access to circleci.com due to this Issue.
You can check your service availability on IPv6 with following service.



Hello Bear,

Thank you for remove AAAA Record on your DNS.
The connectivity problem has been resolved.


For the purposes of my testing, it would be sufficient if circle simply stopped disabling the IPv6 loop back interface in /etc/sysctl.d, or if the circle.yaml allowed setting sysctl values outside of the containers. This would be much appreciated by the JuliaLang community. :slightly_smiling_face:

From searching old issues, it looks like this was doable by the user when using machine images, but that docker doesn’t allow modifications to procfs, so that workaround isn’t possible for containerized builds.


+1. Just having access to localhost IPv6 loopback inside the docker container is what we need and is a blocker for us moving over to CircleCI.


Same here for us…doing a fair bit of ipv6-related work and our tests are failing without ipv6 support enabled. Any movement on this?


CircleCI folks: Is this a priority or possibility? We need this and will probably be a deal breaker for us to stay on CircleCI. :frowning:


+1 to just needing the ipv6 loopback interface


We just published a new doc on using machine executor for testing local IPv6 traffic: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/faq/#can-i-use-ipv6-in-my-tests


I’m not sure this documentation is very complete.

  1. my understanding is that if I want to use a docker-based executor because my tests use multiple services (postgres and rabbitmq), using the machine executor to “set up” ipv6 won’t work, as the jobs in a workflow run completely separately;
  2. given that, your documentation does mention using docker network create, but the problem is that this has to be run on the docker host, not in the container;
  3. docker-compose has the same problem as above.

Why is there nowhere in the documentation giving examples of these things, instead of linking to the docker docs which has nothing specifically on using this in CircleCI?


I am working in a repo where the tests also needed to bind locally to ipv6 address.
I was aiming to use docker executor but this limitation is forcing us to use the machine executor.

Is there any stopper issue to enable ipv6 locally inside the container? Being able to use the docker executor will probably be better for all.