Integration with Karate DSL



Hi, I’m struggling to get my confi.yml file set to run Karate DSL. Couldn’t find in the documentation as well. Any help?



Readers will probably need to see more information in order to help you. What config do you have, and what problem are you having?


Thanks for your reply. What I would like to know if there’s sample for integration with Karate DSL? Karate is based on cucumber and I was trying to integrate with circleci but somehow I couldn’t. I read on circleci website that to integrate circleci with cucumber that should be in the .yml file:

- mkdir -p $CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS/cucumber
- bundle exec cucumber --format junit --out $CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS/cucumber/junit.xml

But couldn’t find anything similar to Karate. Any clue? Cheers


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There might be the sample you’re looking for in the Karate DSL documentation. CircleCI (and indeed any CI) is basically just a farm of cloud VPS machines with a bit of extra tooling wrapped around it. So, your question is “How to make Karate DSL work on Linux?”. That’s a valid question, but not CI specific.

What problem did you run into? What config did you use, given that Karate does not seem to be mentioned in your config above?