Install Code Signing Credentials in CircleCI 2.0




I’m (trying to…) migrating our build from CircleCI 1.0 to 2.0. It’s a macOS application whose build is largely driven by Makefile, including the xcode invocation. We already had ways to deal with code signing that worked well, but without fastlane.

I am trying to migrate to CircleCI 2.0, but without changing everything in our build system (at least not just right now). With CCI1, there is an implicit step “Install Code Signing Credentials” that sets up the machine, and the builds finished happily. With CCI2, I don’t know how to reproduce the effect of this step, so my builds fail.

I couldn’t find in the migration FAQ/guide any information about that.

Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance.



Hey Akim! You haven’t missed anything: currently, CircleCI 2.0 builds require Fastlane Match for code signing. This may well change down the road, depending on a number of factors (like user need!). But for now, Fastlane is the way to go for 2.0.

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Hey liene.
I have question about that.
I use fastlane match for my company project, but sometimes I can’t use that when I contracted other company iOS project.
It won’t work Code Signing (Settings > Organization > Project > PERMISSIONS > Code Signing) in CircleCI 2.0 anymore?


Could you guys from CircleCI help us on the transition please?


So, I trusted that Fastlane was helping for the development of macOS apps, but it is clearly not their scope: they aim at mobiles, period:

Some assistance to workaround the removed features from CircleCI 1 is dearly needed.


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