Insights at test case level


  • How long that specific test case has been green before failing ?
  • Which are the nths most error prone test cases ?

That would be great to have more accurate insights at test case level. Some how it is done by Test Results Analyzer plugin for jenkins.
Or in this screen shot


This is an other capture from Atlassian Bamboo



There is already some features with collecting test metadata.

BTW I can’t figure how good it is : it’s hard to setup in dockerized env cf Collecting test metadata for in-container tests run


As long as you can export your test result to a magic “CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS” folder you can take advantage of collecting test metadata. As i left the team i do not have access to circle ci jobs but asfair test results presented by circleCi are really basic. It looks to me that test result files produced by different test runners are simply displayed in a graphic way. There is no analysis, comparing or getting statistics/metrics between subsequent test runs (circle ci job builds)