Improvements to working 2.0 build, concepts and fundamentals



Hello, I have been using CircleCI for a number of years, as a key component to building reliable Docker containers. I feel my overall knowledge and experience is strong. I also have been helping other developers using Docker around the globe; always open to learning more!

It took a few days to grasp all the new features in 2.0 and I still feel like I am missing some tricks, this is what I hope to achieve from this post. I have the entire build and tests working from 1.0.

CircleCI Conf File (Git Hub)

CircleCI Build History

Hopefully this post will help others. This build is a turn key Docker image for an Apache Web Container. This system is using PHP 7.0 and has many baked into modules and functions to add in my local development and LIVE envorinments.

What I am looking for is to understand more about is parrallism…? When this build kicks off a Docker Container is kicked of and by passing the envorimental variable “dev” or “production

Are there any other improvements that could be made? I think caching could be useful but don’t see how it could fit within this build?

Maybe other concepts I am totally missing?