Improvement: New UI: Display test results whereever possible

FYI: Finally found the discussion page to submit this request.

This is an improvement request for the new CircleCi Ui.
There are 2 reasons to have test information, alongside the runtime:

  1. In order to encourage testing, the number of tests pass/total should be always available ( if tests are run ).
    In addition to just pass/fail color, the number of tests is useful because tests are continually being added, so the number
    gives an indication to what’s run. This also provides a check when tests are added but failed to run.

  2. This information, in addition to the runtime completes the overall view of the state of the software ( ie time and correctness space )


Thank you for the feedback!

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This is a really interesting idea, thanks @khtan!

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Hopefully, the info is already there so just a matter of hooking things up, and aggregating upwards.
Also, if no tests are run, the tests can report 0/0 as a “hint” that some automated testing should be part of the project.

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