Images as artifacts



My circle artifacts include a bunch of plots (currently png, could be changed any format), which need to be checked to make sure the results make sense. Is there any simple way to display them nicely? Nothing fancy - I’d just like to be able to see them all without clicking on each one individually. I could create a latex template and compile that at the end, but I’d really prefer not to go that route, since the number and names of pictures might change.


Is this a public project? I have a few ideas on how we could accomplish something like this but would love to try them out. :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks for getting back so fast!

Yes it is a public project, you can see an example here:

The plots are arranged in a directory structure (and some of the folders have other, non-plot files there too - although I could put those somewhere else), and I’d like to be able to see each folder together. I also have each plot in several formats but that’s definitely not necessary, I can switch to just having one format.



I have been working on a couple projects that use artifacts in more interesting ways. This is a cool idea, and certainly falls in that category. I am going to poke around and see if some of my crazy ideas will work for you. :smiley:


Thanks a lot! :smile:



Any further update here? This would be really useful for us.

Thanks again,