HTTPD YUM Install in CentOS Docker Build Fails with cap_set_file


Attempting to use RUN yum install httpd in a CentOS Dockerfile causes the Docker build to fail with:

Error unpacking rpm package httpd-2.4.6-31.el7.centos.1.x86_64
error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/sbin/suexec: cpio: cap_set_file failed - Operation not permitted


Image should build without issue as is. I’ve been testing local builds on ElementaryOS, built on Ubuntu 14.04, with no problem.


It looks like this is a known GitHub issue which may be related to building on Ubuntu hosts. There are a number of items mentioned in that GitHub issue, some of which I don’t understand entirely.


  • Has anyone encountered this?
  • Could I modify the /etc/local/docker to test changing the storage driver as suggested here?

Additional notes since I was limited to 2 links:

Ran a few tests and found that rolling back my base image from CentOS7 -> 6 allows me to build in CircleCI; however; it doesn’t solve the problem of CentOS7 builds here. I was also able to test changing the storage driver as noted in previously linked GitHub comments, but using -s devicemapper just causes the CircleCI docker service to crash immediately.

I’ve run into the exact same issue. I haven’t tried CentOS 6 yet, but would prefer to use 7. Any fixes found yet?

Since this happens on Docker’s own infrastructure (Automatied Builds, see here for example), changing the local storage driver would be a poor workarround, even if it would fix this (which it seems to do not).