How to view test reports?



The 2.0 version of circle ci is juste perfect. Mush simpler to specify build env. Also the ability to use any docker image for the build is really great. But there’s one thing I couldn’t figure out. How to save $CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS to have a nice overview of the tests?


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Thanks for the feedback! I moved this into the support section to answer your question and so others with the same question could have this easily answered.

Test reports are handled by specifying a test-results-store step in your 2.0 build. You want to upload your test files by specifying a parent folder with your Junit XMLs, like so:

      # Upload test results
      - type: test-results-store
        path: /tmp/test-results

For a full example, see the getting started configuration.


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Where can we see those results?


You can view the test results in the Artifacts section. Refer the config.yml