How to redirect stderr and stdout to custom file in circleci background process

By default, if I start a background web server with 2 workers, I get 4 files to sift through when debugging. I would like to have a single file to search.

  • gunicorn mybase.wsgi --workers 2:
    background: true


If I try to redirect output of stdout and stderr to a single file like I do on my dev box, it fails to save any output in circleci:

circle.yml way doesn’t let me redirect output to custom file

  • gunicorn mybase.wsgi --workers 2 > gunicorn_2_workers.txt 2>&1:
    background: true

linux equivalent: (this command fails on circleci)
nohup gunicorn mybase.wsgi --workers 2 > gunicorn_2_workers.txt 2>&1 &

Anyone know how to redirect output to custom file when using background processes on circleci?

yea I used to successfully use… * digs ups old commit * …

  • java -jar sel.jar -app app.apk &> output_from_selendroid:
    background: true

so &> will redirect both stderr and stdout to a file called output_from_selendroid in my ~/[RepoName]/

Hi gundal,

I tested that out in both test > pre and test > override on multiple processes. However it had no effect. Maybe circleci changed the way they handle stdout and stderr since you used that technique?

If you SSH in, is the file there? Perhaps you forgot to make sure the file you’re writing to is under $CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS, so it’s in your homedir or the project dir but not in the artifacts dir?